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8 events that can occur on the stock market

In the Forex market, investors can also trade stocks. There are many stocks traded on Forex. These stocks are known all over the world. In addition, some titles belong to large, world-famous companies. If you want to buy a stock, you have to be a good stock follower.

The Forex market is also a global trading platform that is traded 24/7. In the Forex market, an investor doesn't just buy and sell foreign currency and gold. When people, institutions or companies invest, they should first research the product, platform and terms related to the platform. Investing does not always mean making a profit. Any investment made unknowingly is risky. There can be gains and losses in this investment process. Therefore, when buying stocks, it will be helpful to take a look at stock recommendations.

Split or reverse split

Stock demerger in the Forex market is the name given to the capital increase process without any compensation from the shareholders following the addition to the capital of the accumulated period profits in the item and sub-item of the company's equity. In a stock split, the company splits its shares to meet its needs. In short, it is a method to earn without any compensation. Companies thus increase the interest in the shares. Whichever stock is cheaper will be more in demand. With the décolleté, the situation can be completely reversed. In this turnaround process, companies meet their capital needs.

Transaction abort

Transaction halting or halting is defined by any exchange as the temporary halting of certain transactions to ensure fair trading terms or to balance trading orders. During this period, the investor cannot make any purchases or sales. In short, this situation also reflects the stagnation of the stock market and the changes in prices.


The delisting of a stock when it is unable to meet the requirements for listing or listing is called unlisted. This stock cannot be listed.

Level zero

Whether the value of an investor's shares reaches zero depends on whether the investment is long-term or short-term. You may even be able to get a return on your investment when a stock's value hits zero.

Overbought – Oversold

Oversold or undervalued stocks indicate rising prices. When the stock is bought or sold depends on its current situation.

Transition from OTC to Major Index

OTC is a significant term in the stock market. OTC, which is called over-the-counter, is a name given to transactions made by communicating with the market instrument through tools such as the internet and telephone. Direct OTC transactions cannot be made on an exchange. In the OTC market, prices are determined by bargaining and therefore influence the actions.

Added to the index

Indices are referred to as a measure of the price performance of a group of shares on the stock exchange. This performance is accompanied by inventory changes.

Company bankruptcy

The value of the shares of companies delisted by decision of the board of directors of the exchange suddenly disappears to zero and the investment loses value. As a result of this situation, the company's situation deteriorates and it goes bankrupt. As a result, investors are feeling the pinch.

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