ALB Limited 18.12.2023

Tesla Breaks Critical Level

NAS100 (March 2024 Maturity) Technical Analysis

In the Nasdaq 2024 March futures index contract, a limited negative trend is observed today after the S&P Global PMI data announced on Friday. If downward pricing continues, 16730 and 16630 can be followed as important support levels. In upward movements, the resistance level of 16880 can be monitored as a critical threshold. If the 16880 level is crossed upwards, purchases may strengthen and 17000 and 17100 can be targeted as other important resistance levels.
Resistances: 16880 / 17000 / 17100
Supports: 16730 / 16630 / 16560

AMAZON Technical Analysis

In the stock, which closed positively on Friday, technically, pressure may increase in pricing unless the 150.50 level is exceeded in upward movements. If the 150.50 level is exceeded upwards, 151.50 and 152.00 can be followed as other important psychological resistance levels. In downward movements, 148.10 and 147.40 can be monitored as important support levels.
Resistances: 150.50 / 151.50 / 153.00
Supports: 148.10 / 147.40 / 146.00

TESLA Technical Analysis

If the upward movement continues in the stock, which broke the downtrend on Friday, 257.30-261.80 resistances may be sequential targets. If the support of 246.70 is broken with downward pricing, 242.00 support can be followed in terms of possible reaction purchases in the stock, which may enter the downtrend again.
Resistances: 257.30 / 261.80 / 265.50
Supports: 246.70 / 242.00 / 237.90

WHEAT Technical Analysis

The Wheat commodity, which completed last week in the negative zone, has a slightly sellers course on the first trading day of the new week. If downward pricing continues, $ 621.25 and $ 615.50 can be followed as support levels. In cases where possible recovery trends come to the agenda, $ 634.00 and $ 640.50 can be followed as resistance levels.
Resistances: 634,00 / 640,50 / 648,50
Supports: 621,25 / 615,50 / 609,50

COPPER Technical Analysis

Technically, Copper, which tested the resistance of the downtrend from March 2022, has a bidirectional course in the short term. If upward movements continue, 389.90, where the trend resistance passes, and 390.80 levels can be followed as a critical resistance. In case of possible retracements, 385.60 and 384.00 can be considered as support levels.
Resistances: 389,90 / 390,80 / 391,80
Supports: 385,60 / 384,00 / 382,40

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