ALB Limited 20.03.2024

FED Interest Rate Decision in Global Markets

XAUUSD - Gold Technical Analysis

After seeing the historical peak of $ 2195, the eyes of Ons Gold, which rested below these levels, will be on the FED decision to be announced today. Technically, in the short term, the $ 2145 level can be monitored as a critical threshold. If it goes below this level, sales pressures may accelerate. In downward movements, $ 2150 and $ 2141 can be monitored as support levels. In upward movements, $ 2164 and $ 2172 can be followed as resistance levels.

Resistances: 2164 / 2172 / 2181
Supports: 2150 / 2141 / 2133

XAGUSD Technical Analysis

A limited positive trend is observed in silver in the morning hours. If upward movements continue, 25.04 and 25.17 can be followed as important resistance levels. If the 25.17 level is crossed upwards, 25.31 can be followed as another important resistance level in the short term. In downward movements, 24.80 and 24.72 can be followed as important support levels.

Resistances: 25,04 / 25,17 / 25,31
Supports: 24,80 / 24.72 / 24,65

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

Technically, a limited positive course is observed in the pair on Wednesday. If upward movements continue, 1.0875, 1.0890 and 1.0910 can be followed as important support levels in the short term, respectively. If downward movements come to the agenda, 1.0850 with the 100-day exponential moving average and 1.0825 with the 200-day exponential moving average can be followed as important support levels.

Resistances: 1,0875 / 1,0890 / 1,0910
Supports: 1,0850 / 1,0825 / 1,0810

NAS100 Technical Analysis

The contract, which closed positive at 18273 yesterday, has a negative trend in the morning hours today. If downward movements continue, 18130, where the 20-day exponential moving average is located, can be followed as an important support level. If the 18130 level is crossed downwards, 18040 and 17910 can be followed as other important support levels. In case of upward movements, 18310 and 18380 can be targeted as important resistance levels.

Resistances: 18310 / 18380 / 18510
Supports: 18130 / 18040 / 17910

UKOIL Technical Analysis

If upward movements continue in UKOIL, which follows a calm course before the decline in US crude oil stocks and the FED interest rate decision, 87.70 and 88.35 can be followed as resistance levels. In possible withdrawals, 86.95 and 86.45 can be followed as support levels.

Resistances: 87.70 / 88.35 / 88.75
Supports: 86.95 / 86.45 / 86.05
Wheat Technical Analysis
USD 527.50 continues to be a critical threshold for the Wheat commodity, which carried its losses to the 3rd consecutive week last week. Wheat, which continues its upward movements with the gain in value on a weekly basis, has a slightly sellers course in the morning hours. If downward movements continue, 544.00 and 539.00 dollars can be monitored as support levels in the short term. In upward movements, $ 556.00 and $ 560.00 can be followed as resistance levels.
Resistances : 556.00 / 560.00 / 563.50
Supports : 544.00 / 539.00 / 537.00

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